Detskiy Mir

Detskiy Mir #1. Grand opening advertising campaign. Full creative service


Keto Plus. Antidandruff shampoo advertising campaign made in beauty style in order to attract wider target audience.


Inspiring projects for MTS in 2015


Communication of this insurance company reliability in crisis. Emphasizing the slogan - Ingosstrakh pays. Always. Creative materials for OOH, Press, Radio


Creative concept, slogan & creative works elaboration.

Home Money

Branding for a company in a new microfinancial category. Brand building & launch: positioning, logo, brand identity, slogan, communication strategy, creative works, production) Result: Ultimate RF leader in awareness & consumption

Snow Queen

Positioning correction & communication message elaboration. “Stylish doesn’t mean expensive” – new slogan to change perception of expensive store in recession period. Full creative service: TV, OOH, Press, Web etc Result: Traffic growth 1,5 times

White wind -DIGITAL

2 seasonal ad campaigns for retail company


Full creative service for a legendary international brand

Charity fund Detskiy Mir

Annual reports design & production since 2014


Commercials made by our Production Studio8.


Series of humorous TV commercials about various products in cooperation with Studio8 production

Real estate

Creative works for a number of real estate projects


Product promoting TV campaign. Price is the main benefit


Restyling for Seven Media Group (communication agency). The message is IT IS COMFORTABLE TO WORK WITH US. So the logo is illustrating flexible approach.


Branding, naming, logo & packaging design, stores` interior concepts


Brand identity for medical company, web-site design ang production


Logo, branding & web-site for Cordisline medical company

Trend Media House

Brand identity for TMH agency. New logo based on a `Play` sign. Numerous `play` triangles are building a sphere which is reminding a globe.

Hot Contents

Naming, Logo, packaging design


Restyling for media advertising agency: Logo, corporate identity, web-site design & production